Tuesday, March 27th 2007

Best Buy Acquires Speakeasy

Speakeasy, one of the largest DSL providers in the USA, has been bought by Best Buy for $97 million, in a deal that should go down in the first quarter of 2008. Best Buy aims to benefit from this deal by promoting Speakeasy Small Business DSL via its Best Buy for Business program, but there is unlikely to be any real changes in the service provided to most customers. "We have a high regard for Speakeasy's employees, their culture, and their valued relationships with customers and vendors," said Darren Jackson, Best Buy executive vice president and CFO. "They have a strong customer service-oriented approach, which is an excellent fit with Best Buy's culture and direction." Source: ars technica
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3 Comments on Best Buy Acquires Speakeasy

Wow... A phone is too big of a stretch for Google's business model, but a telecommunications company isn't for a retail electronics chain...? Ladies and Gentlemen, WTF..?
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Bird of Prey
Kind of cool. You can buy a pc and get a damn good discount on DSL service.
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I loved reading the title...Back in the 1920's, a speakeasy was an illegal bar :p.
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