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BitFenix Unveils Enso Mesh 4 ARGB and Spectre ARGB SE Kit

The ENSO MESH is the latest addition to ENSO chassis series. ENSO MESH not only presents BitFenix simple beauty PC concept with the latest AURA SYNC 3 pin addressable RGB LED technology and also offers the best cooling performance with its High density mesh front design. The core of the ENSO MESH is its clean design, well balanced between a perfectly organized interior structure and the sleek exterior design. It is complemented by a tempered glass side panel and the latest in RGB illumination effects, highlighting the clean and discreet lines of the High density mesh front panel.

The clean design concept is well balanced between a perfectly organized interior structure and a sleek exterior design. It is complemented by a 4 mm see-through-tinted tempered glass panel on the side and addressable RGB illumination surrounding the High density mesh front. The BitFenix ENSO MESH premieres BitFenix new RGB illumination. The addressable RGB lighting allows multiple LED colors in one zone instead of one static color at a time. It is powered by a built in controller (compatible to BitFenix 3.0, addressable, RGB products ) offering single colors to match different system builds, but also featuring different rainbow modes.
Magnificent ARGB illumination Shining Through Fine Mesh 4x ARGB (3-pin 5 V) Fans Pre-Installed
This Special Edition comes with 4x ARGB (3-pin 5 V) Fans Pre-Installed.The magnificent ARGB illumination shining through the fine mesh front and the see-through tempered glass side panel offers a great balance in performance and looks in its class.

New BitFenix 6+6 controller
The Included ARGB fans and the lighting can be easily customized with the new 6+6 controller preinstalled in the chassis. With 60 different lighting mode presets available in the controller, you can be sure to find multiple modes that fits your aesthetics. The whole controller can be controlled with a single button on the chassis or alternatively can be connected to the motherboard for even more extensive control over the lighting.

If you prefer to control the fan lighting through software and synchronize the fans, and other devices such as motherboard / graphics card / mouse and keyboard for more attractive lighting, it supports multiple motherboard ARGB Control software such as, ASUS AURA SYNC, MSI MISTIC LIGHT SYNC, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 and ASRock POLYCHROME RGB.

See-through-tinted 4 mm Tempered Glass Side Panel
The ENSO MESH comes with a high-quality tempered glass side panel with a strength of 4 mm. The tempered glass panel is see-through-tinted, allowing a peak into the case showing off the now often ARGB illuminated main components.

Clean Interior With 23 mm Cable Management Space Behind Motherboard Tray
The ENSO MESH comes with a PSU shroud hiding the PSU and up to two HDDs beneath it, while three SSDs can be attached to the back of the motherboard tray, showing only the motherboard, graphics cards and the cooling solution through the tempered glass panel. The 23 mm cable management space behind motherboard tray makes it an easy job to manage the cables clean. With the drive-trays out of the way, the ENSO MESH provides plenty of space for graphics cards with a length up to 340 mm.

Thermal Capability
To cool down the components, high density mesh on the front panel has offered smooth intake. ENSO MESH supports up to two 140 mm fans or a 280 mm or a 360 mm radiator in the front while a 120 mm rear-fan or radiator at the rear and up to two 120 mm fans in the top will push the hot air out. ENSO also supports up to 160 mm high CPU air cooler.

Cooling Engineering
ENSO MESH doesn't compromise the sleek design of Mesh front panel. The high density mesh has provided over ten thousand holes with magnetic removable function. The clean interior design creates no interference to the air flow blowing straight on GPU that helps not only to cool down the GPU also provide much focus air flow to the GPU. The close and clean PSU shroud keeps ENSO MESH to have two individual chambers. It makes all components will have individual cooling section. And the soft foams complemented with tempered glass lock the noise inside. Bundled with the mesh dust filter offers the extreme cooling performance.

Easy Clean With Removable Dust Filters
To keep the interior of the ENSO MESH dust-free, multiple filters are placed around the case. The front and top filters are attached via magnets and can be easily slid off to clean it. The ENSO MESH also features BitFenix Sideway -removable PSU filters in the bottom, thus enabling users to remove the PSU filter easily without lifting or moving the case.

Spectre ARGB SE Kit
The well known BitFenix Spectre fan series brings the adds a new member to the family with introduction of the all new BitFenix Spectre ARGB SE fans. Adopting a simple and elegant design to match with modern aesthetics, the Spectre ARGB SE adopts the aerodynamic improvements from the last model but offer better airflow at a lower noise level. Eight individually addressable RGB LEDs featuring TriBrightTM LED Technology lights up the fan with vibrant and bright colors that can be controlled with the included controller in 60 different modes or can be easily plugged into the motherboard to control with ASUS AURA SYNC, ASrock Polychrome RGB, Gigabyte Fusion or MSI Mystic lighting.

TriBright LED Technology
The Spectre SE Addressable RGB features the TriBright LED Technology known from our Alchemy 3.0 Addressable RGB LED Strips, thus offering higher color saturation, increased brightness and a longer life. Furthermore, the light is more evenly scattered, casting softer shadows, increasing the overall illumination effect.
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Who else here thinks that RGB light strip placed haphazardly above the PSU shroud looks effing tacky?
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Sad to see the makers of Prodigy, Colossus and Shinobi have come down to this. Not sure why they still have not moved on from the Enso after so many years? Just to prove a point to Steve Burke?
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