Wednesday, March 28th 2007

AT&T Teams Up With Napster

Napster and AT&T are teaming up for a new service that will give phone users free unlimited access for one year to more than 3
million song tracks through Napster To Go. The service will cost $14.95 per month. Available beginning Sunday, April 1, across the company's nationwide wireless footprint with qualifying plans - as well as across the company's entire 22-state traditional service footprint with qualifying wireless, home phone and broadband triple-pack bundles - the offer enables consumers
to conveniently access their favorite songs across multiple screens, including the PC, the wireless screen and other compatible music devices. The offer builds on the company's effort to deliver anytime, anywhere access to enhanced content. Read the full story here.Source: PR Newswire
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Bird of Prey
so is it free or we have to pay for it? It doesnt make much sense to me to offer free access to it, yet charge for it. Maybe Im reading it wrong.
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