Wednesday, March 28th 2007

Microsoft Zune Firmware Update 1.3 Released

Microsoft has released firmware 1.3 for its Zune media player. The new firmware improves device and software reliability, such as device detection and synchronization. The new firmware also corrects a skipping problem with content downloaded from the Zune Marketplace as well as the FM tuner which no longer drains the battery when running in sleep mode. Zune users can update their devices from within the Zune software package.Source: Zune Insider
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3 Comments on Microsoft Zune Firmware Update 1.3 Released

Dissapointing. The Zune hardware has so many possibilities that are going to be left unutilized. Watch the hardware be completely abandoned when Zune 2.0 comes out.
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It seems like everyone who bought a Zune (myself included) bought one in the hopes that cool upgrades would come in the future - like Xbox live.
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Bird of Prey
Yeah, MS hyped the Zune and didnt deliver. They had a couple years to study the Ipod and Ipod Video and yet, they failed. I hope they make a newer one with better features.
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