Thursday, March 29th 2007

Bioscrypt Introduces Industry’s First 3D Face Recognition Camera for Logical Access

Toronto, ON (March 28, 2007) – Bioscrypt Inc., a leading provider of enterprise access control technology, today announced the introduction of the world’s first 3D face recognition camera for use in authenticating individuals accessing a computer. Bioscrypt’s VisionAccess 3D DeskCam performs both verification and identification operations. It also accommodates varying poses of the head, as well as a wide range of lighting conditions, to provide a convenient, non-contact method of authentication with a high level of accuracy.

Building on a history of 3D vision physical access control deployments, the new Bioscrypt VisionAccess 3D DeskCam meets the market demand for a hands free and secure authentication solution that does not require users to remember passwords, tokens or cards to log on to their computer. Integrated with Bioscrypt VeriSoft Single Sign On, authentication with the camera can automatically initiate network logon and/or single sign-on to pre-registered web-based or Microsoft Windows applications.

Further to Bioscrypt’s product strategy, a single enrolment will create a template that can be used for authentication at both the physical access reader and the logical access reader, providing a true Door to Desktop biometric authentication solution.

“With the introduction of the VisionAccess DeskCam we are continuing to build out our multi-factor authentication solution set that facilitates the convergence of IT infrastructure and physical security systems,” said Robert L. Williams, President and CEO of Bioscrypt. “We are providing the platform to assist companies to unify identities across the organization by supporting a multitude of authentication methods used for access control. This support now extends to 3D face for IT security.”

Created from the technology which made Bioscrypt VisionAccess 3D facial recognition products renowned in physical access deployments, the 3D DeskCam comes in a 3 inch tall, half inch wide desktop form factor. The camera connects via a single USB interface to a PC or laptop, and provides sub-second authentication using advanced 3D facial surface recognition. The 3D DeskCam provides an intuitive, contactless recognition system using 40,000 points in a 3D mesh, and will be shipping to customers, integrators and partners in the second half of 2007.Source: Bioscrypt
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Bird of Prey
I always knew we would see some Matrix, Timecop and other SciFi movies (Paycheck with Ben Affleck) type devices out.
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what is the price this camera for face recognition?

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