Wednesday, June 30th 2021

LIAN LI Showcase Upcoming Products at 2021 Digital Expo 2.0

LIAN LI is set to announce two new prototype products at their upcoming Digital Expo 2.0 along with providing updates on various other products. The first prototype product is the UNI FAN SL120 INFINITY 120 mm fan which features a similar frame to the original SL120 with a new infinity mirror design and RGB lighting, the INFINITY is fully compatible with other LIAN LI interlocking fans. The second prototype is the LANCOOL III is a mid-tower case which features dual hinged tempered glass side panels along with mesh front and top panels for optimal airflow. The LANCOOL III supports Mini-ITX to EATX motherboards, graphics cards up to 397 mm, power supplies under 200 mm, 10x 120 mm fans, and 6x 2.5" hard drives.

LIAN LI will also provide updates on some products including a revised Q58 small form factor case with support for SFX and ATX power supplies without having to move the motherboard tray increasing triple-slot GPU compatibility. The Q11 AIR MINI is an upcoming compact workstation case with a full mesh front panel measuring 400 mm deep and 288 mm wide. The Q11 AIR MINI will support full ATX power supplies along with motherboards ranging from Mini-ITX to E-ATX, and storage up to 6x 2.5" drives.
The A4-H20 LIAN LI x DAN Case Collaboration is an updated version of the all-aluminium small form factor case designed in collaboration with DAN Case. The updated case now features sharper edges and a new style with repositioned front IO and increased hardware support for triple-slot GPUs and 240 mm liquid coolers.
The fully reversible OLL1D EVO case is also getting updated with redesigned top and right mesh side panels. The case is also receiving several other improvements including a new latch to access the toolless radiator bracket, a revised cable management bar, and stronger mounting clips for securing radiators and fans.
The full tower V3000+ case which offers support for dual systems and multiple motherboard configurations has also received improvements to its front and top panels. The case has also been reconfigured to offer 5 removable HDD bays and two drive bays on tracks which in total can accommodate up to 20 hard drives.
You can view the complete LIAN LI 2021 Digital Expo 2.0 below.

Source: LIAN LI
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9 Comments on LIAN LI Showcase Upcoming Products at 2021 Digital Expo 2.0

I'm loving the Infinity Uni fan look; the RGB seems more subdued and if shut off, would give a bit of a metallic/mirror aesthetic that remains reasonably tasteful and go along with black chrome or silver fittings.
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boring stuff, I do like that 3rd one kinda.
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I sure hope that they'll ship Q58 soon
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I'm waiting for the Q58. That and the UNIFAN will be the big hits this year.
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The V3000+ looks like a beast. I'd love to try and tame her.
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I think there's a typo. The compact workstation model is the O11 Air Mini (not Q11).
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Here is review of O11 Dynamic Evo posted by Der8aur which is very interesting along with Lancool 3.
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Q58 and A4 look really good, thing is I'm not really interested in SFF. (mATX is what I'd like for my next build). I'd like to see an entire line of cases iTX-ATX that incorporates the design aesthetics of those two lines, clean lines, stealthy looks, and high-end build quality.

The rest of it just looks like industry trend copy cats; huge towers with slabs of TG glass everywhere with copious opportunity to blast up that RGB to max. I feel like we've been on this set of trends since like 2016, its time for some new ideas.
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MxPhenom 216
ASIC Engineer
Where the F is part 2. I want to know when the 011D Evo is going to launch!!!
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