Thursday, March 29th 2007

SiS to support Intel Core 2 Quad FSB 1333MHz

The people at Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) managed to get another long-term contract with Intel that allows them to manufacture and sell chipsets for Intel's upcoming FSB 1333MHz quad-core CPUs. It remains to be seen how this license agreement will strengthen SiS in terms of market share in the high-end desktop segment which is right now, let's say quite inexistent. Sure they are selling notebook chipsets like crazy and since the CeBIT we know about their SiS672FX based mainboards. This time however we are talking about quad-cores, pretty advanced stuff - definitely the heavy weight league if you ask me. And while we are waiting for SiS to flex it's muscles I'll keep my fingers crossed for them that market acceptance will change in their favour as well.Source: SiS
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Bird of Prey
Sis is still around?
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hmmm quad core with a budget mobo? cant really see this taking off tbh but im sure some people wont mind especially ones on a strictly tight budget who can maybe afford a quad core at the cost of a decnt motherboard. i mean look at my motherboard, i had to skimp on that and literally couldnt afford even £20 more to go to a better one so someone with a tight budget looking to go quad could do the same i guess?

im not really bothered anyway as soon as i have the cash im going ot get a nice asus p5b-delux-wifi to get a nice oc out of this e4300 once and for all which will also support quad core anyway so ill be ready for my next cpu upgrade :rockout:
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