Monday, April 2nd 2007

Thermaltake introduces LANBOX HT

Thermaltake today announced the latest addition to their popular Small Form Factor chassis, LANBOX HT. Based on the proven structural design of LANBOX Series chassis, LANBOX HT exhibits a more contemporary and sophisticated aluminum front bezel design that can be easily integrated into today’s home theater environment.
To enable a more flexible system, LANBOX series chassis does not require proprietary components. It supports standard components such as Micro-ATX motherboard, ATX power supply unit, full-size optical disk drive, 3.5” hard disk drive…etc. The modularized chassis design allow all components to be easily removed from the body for simple installation or upgrading.

To further enhance its multimedia features, LANBOX HT has embedded Media LAB software and front panel hotkey that provide full range of control over all capability of a powerful HTPC (home theater PC). In addition, LANBOX HT also provides a one-of-the-kind structural feature to integrate a Thermaltake retractable motorized 7” touch screen LCD. Without the help with any other input devices, users will have full command over the PC via the touch screen feature.

With the standardized structural design, extremely small footprint along with wide range of thoughtful features, LANBOX HT will be the first and only choice for any application.Source: Thermaltake
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8 Comments on Thermaltake introduces LANBOX HT

This case and that new AMD chipset with HDMI would be a sweet combo.
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ktr said:
This case and that new AMD chipset with HDMI would be a sweet combo.
So sweet you would have it in your bed like the press picture?
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inevitabler25 said:
nice! how much they sell this beauty?
Looking at it...i would say min300, max500, so 350 to 400ish.
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W1zzard's Sidekick

The Lanbox in aluminum with handle and windows goes for about 120-130
The Lanbox Lite EXPECT A REVIEW VERY SOON! ;) goes for about 70-80
I would expect the Lanbox HT to be a bit more expensive than the aluminum variant, so maybe 160-200 max

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dmce said:
So sweet you would have it in your bed like the press picture?
I'm glad to see that i wasn't the only person who thought that was really weird. :rolleyes:
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Bird of Prey
Agreed. The AMD 690G chipset and this Box would be an awesome combo. I mean, just for the pure fact its a cheap HDTV TIVO type deal.
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Wile E
Power User
Ah man! That's a nice SFF. I think I may be reconsidering my hacked AppleTV idea.
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