Monday, September 13th 2021

Bitspower Intros Sedna Torque Reservoir for Antec Torque Case

Bitspower today introduced the TouchAqua Sedna Torque, a custom-design reservoir+pump combo for the Antec Torque case. This was earlier part of the Sedna Torque kit. The reservoir is made almost entirely of clear acrylic, and includes a Bitspower P5D pump. The reservoir puts out ports and just the right spots to connect a CPU block and a VGA block with minimal tubing. The reservoir holds about 300 ml of coolant on its own, which the P5D circulates at a flow-rate of up to 14.5 liters/minute, with a peak power draw of 20 W, and noise output just under 40 dBA. The reservoir is studded with addressable RGB LEDs that connect to any standard 3-pin ARGB header. Available now, the TouchAqua Sedna Torque is priced at $180.
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This $180 item was part of the full $680 kit that was posted a year ago. It was not available for separate purchase last year. Today you can save $500 if you just want the reservoir-pump combo piece.
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