Monday, April 9th 2007

Dell axes Axim series

After 5 years and generally very innovative PDAs at great prices, Dell has quietly removed the last Axim - the x51v from their website. The Axim is still a very high end product, featuring a VGA display, 3D system, 624MHz CPU as well as WiFI and Bluetooth. I had the pleasure of testing on such a device and am rather dissapointed to see them discontinued.Source: Mobility Site
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they are most likely moving onto umpc's
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i think that dell was just too late to get into that market. also i really don't think PDA's are that great of a product, smartphones can do everything PDA's do and more. just my opinion but i do have to say they sound powerful, 624 mhz, we have a pc that runs a 553 mhz it is powerful for a handheld system.
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aww thats a shame. dell made some nice pda's.

but i think the era of the pda is pretty much ending. they can only perform one function (even if they can do that really well), and they simply cannot keep up with the communications requirements of today's workforce. smartphones and phone/pda hybrids, however, will do quite well imo. Especially when manufacturers start realizing that people don't want a pda phone that looks like a brick (something apple has apparently learned...).
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W1zzard's Sidekick
Well the PDA is morphing into future in PDAs, but PDAs with a phone...

I am wating for them new phones :) I am a big fan of symbian *ehehe*

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Bird of Prey
Axim used to be a hot seller for Dell. with the advent of new technology, namely blackberry and cellphones with more advanced features...I guess the PDAs are losing their touch.
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