Tuesday, April 10th 2007

OCZ Introduces New Line of SDHC Flash Memory Cards

OCZ Technology Group, today introduced a new line of SDHC flash memory cards to their high performance Secure Digital family. OCZ SD High Capacity (SDHC) cards comply with the new SDA 2.00 specification to support capacities over 2GB. Available in 4GB and 8GB configurations, OCZ SDHC cards are ideal for the latest digital cameras and electronics.

Compliant with specifications determined by the SD Association, OCZ SDHC cards are Speed Class 4 rated, ensuring a minimum write speed of 4MB/s. These high capacity cards are only compatible with SDHC compliant products and are not backwards compatible with traditional SD format devices. More and more next generation devices are expected to host SDHC.

“Storage capacity has become more and more important with consumers shooting high quality pictures and video,” said Alex Mei, Executive VP at OCZ Technology Group. “The latest generation of digital cameras and camcorders from Nikon, Canon, Casio, and Panasonic are already SDHC compatible, and the new OCZ SDHC cards deliver an exceptional balance of high capacity and fast transfer speeds to photo and video enthusiasts, allowing them to capture more images with the highest quality settings.”

OCZ’s commitment to quality continues into their flash memory series; All OCZ Secure Digital HC Cards come backed with a 3 year warranty for unparalleled peace of mind.

For more information on the OCZ SDHC Flash Memory line, please visit our product page here.Source: OCZ Technology
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3 Comments on OCZ Introduces New Line of SDHC Flash Memory Cards

Fantastic. I hope the read/write performance is good, as it's required for the short 8-10 frame burst that Digital SLR cameras can do.

I hope people realise that SDHC is not the same as standard SD, therefore you cannot use a SDHC in a non SDHC compatible device (card reader or camera).
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Bird of Prey
Wish they would make these in microSD. That way, I can use them in my Samsung Synch cell phone.
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