Wednesday, April 11th 2007

Opera 9.20 ready

Opera Software just finished the version 9.20 of its popular browser. The new main feature is Speed Dial, the fastest and easiest way to access your favorite sites. Speed Dial allows you to transform your top nine sites into visual favorites that are immediately available in any new tab. Of course the new version comes with the famous BitTorrent downloading support, the possibility to customize your own search engine and the Widgets, Small Web applications (multimedia, newsfeeds, games and more) that make your desktop experience more fun.

Download your version over here: Opera Download Website
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7 Comments on Opera 9.20 ready

Interesting. I haven't tried Opera myself, but have heard it's good. I'm happy for now to stick with Firefox and IE6.
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I knew it 8 hours ago :rolleyes: hmm, i might think about submitting news too, how can i post in news section ? I'm the first one to get software news :)
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You need to have permission to post on the News forum.
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Probably from one of the power mods or W1zzard I presume.
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That looks like one of the most boring browsers I have ever seen...
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Bird of Prey
opera and for that fact, maxthon, are great web browsers. I will probably wind up downloading them both again and using them. I have IE 7 and firefox 2.02 now. Probably add these to it.
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