Thursday, April 12th 2007

Team Fortress 2 Interview at IGN PC

IGN PC got the opportunity to play a few rounds of Team Fortress 2 in between two interviews with Valve's Engineer Robin Walker, Project Lead Charlie Brown, and Marketing Director Doug Lombardi. While the the interviews start with why they made substantial changes to the classes and map designs, the more interesting answers follow later. Technical things like why they used Phong Shading and the PS3 and Xbox network interaction and of course the debate about the release date (which is probably in September).
IGN: So you're actually playing now on Xbox 360s connected to PCs?
Doug Lombardi: Technically it's done.
Chances are the PS3 version will only play other PS3s. There's zero chance of them talking to 360s.
Source: IGN PC
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6 Comments on Team Fortress 2 Interview at IGN PC

this does look good our clan is going to get it when it comes out
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gonna get this one! im waiting....
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This looks too "kiddy" for me... I think I'll just wait for Crysis :P
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Cant wait for the hands-on tomorrow, hopefully when can gets some in-game video.
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that game will get 10 for FUN from everyone and me :)
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