Sunday, April 15th 2007

'Infinite Continues' Promises to be an Ebay-like swap-site for gamers

Anyone who owns old video games and tries to sell them usually gets a nasty surprise. Amazon/E-bay/retailers all buy used games at depressingly low prices, and there's little or nothing gamers can do about this. Enter 'Infinite Continues'. This start-up site promises to be the E-bay of games. A user, who registers for free, posts a list of all the games they have available for trade, and a wish-list of games they want. Infinite Continues then helps other users find those games, and lets the two users set up a trade. Shipping is taken care of by the traders. Like virtually all trade/auction sites, traders are rated based on how good they are at trading. The site has been in beta testing for over six months. Please check it out, you might find a way to get all those new games you want while getting rid of all the old ones you never play anymore.Source: Reg Hardware
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2 Comments on 'Infinite Continues' Promises to be an Ebay-like swap-site for gamers

So it is pretty much like which has been around a while...

You register for free. Then there is a trading forum with ratings for each user. Shipping is handled by traders.

There is also a deal forum that has saved me tons of money on games.
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Bird of Prey
Interested in seeing how this all unfolds.
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