Sunday, April 15th 2007

Fujitsu Pausing 1.8" hard disk development; Putting R&D into SSD

Some of you may know that Fujitsu wants in on the small-form-factor market. Fujitsu makes 3.5" hard disks for desktops, 2.5" hard disks for laptops, and is planning on making 1.8" hard drives for ultra-portable computers and music players. Fujitsu has decided to put those plans on hold. Instead, Fujitsu will be focusing on making an entry into the SSD (Solid State Disk) market. We'll have more details as Fujitsu makes them.Source: Nordic Hardware
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5 Comments on Fujitsu Pausing 1.8" hard disk development; Putting R&D into SSD

that's good and bad. good because ssd prices should drop soon. bad because i have a fujitsu, and it's been good to me so far.
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And whatever would you do with the 1.8" drive they'd be making otherwise? :p.
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thats good. more competition == lower prices. and god knows that the ssd market needs that (something over $500 for 32GB ssd options? obscene!). But I think these SSD devices, when put into the right stuff, could be real schweet. Super high capacity solid state ipods, anyone? Faster, solid state UMPC's? Good stuff all around.
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Good for us silence freaks... no moving parts = bliss
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Bird of Prey
Good for cell phones
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