Wednesday, April 18th 2007

Qimonda and Advantest Start GDDR5 Testing

Qimonda and Advantest to Start GDDR5 Testing

Qimonda AG, announced its cooperation with Advantest to develop a hardware set-up for GDDR5 (Graphics Double Data Rate 5) testing. The cooperation aims for a cost efficient high volume test solution for GDDR5 graphics DRAM (dynamic random access memory) devices. GDDR5 will become the next major graphics DRAM standard after GDDR3. GDDR5 memory performance will well exceed existing graphics standards. Its performance in addition to new features will make GDDR5 ideally suited for future high performance graphics applications like PC graphics cards or game consoles.

The GDDR5 standard is currently jointly defined within JEDEC. The successful market entry of new I/O standards requires efficient manufacturability. The memory test is a major part of manufacturing.

“Efficient testability is a key prerequisite for Qimonda to successfully enable new DRAM products in the market. Advantest and Qimonda have a long and stable relationship on DRAM testing and we are glad to have such a strong partner to enable a GDDR5 volume test solution,” said Robert Feurle, Vice President of Business Unit Graphics at Qimonda.

“Efficient testing of GDDR5 with its outstanding performance and features is a challenging task. We are glad to partner up with Qimonda, an experienced manufacturer of high performance graphics DRAM,” mentioned a spokesman of Advantest.Source: Qimonda AG
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Bird of Prey
Wow, it seems like only a few months ago, ATI unveiled GDDR4. This is getting to be kind of ridiculous :roll:
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Interesting. Graphics RAM technology is progressing in leaps and bounds.
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