Wednesday, April 18th 2007

Marvel Halo graphic novels will be Released in July

We reported back in February that Marvel was going to help Bungie publish Halo graphic novels. We will start seeing these novels in early July. We also got some details on what exactly will be in these novels. The novel is staged after the painful cliffhanger at the end of Halo 2. Fortunately for Halo fans, this is quite possibly a lead-in to the events of Halo 3. Unfortunately for Halo fans, the so-called "series" has been reduced to a four-part mini-series.

Each 40 page graphic novel should cost the customer a mere $3.99 USD. A $3.99 USD well spent, if you're a fan of the Halo series (like me).

Source: 1Up
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Graphical Hacker
Look! It's inflatable master cheif! Now with clip on Flood for his face!
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i saw 1 guy at high school with the Halo book and i almost started crying, i mean OMG!!! that is so sad that some kids are choosing to read this books instead of REAL books, MEANINGFUL, books that INSPIRE, and books that are not "silicon" :shadedshu
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i think i'll just stick to the games...
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Bird of Prey
Not a bad price, and aside from DC or Dark Horse comics, you couldnt ask for a better publisher (and perhaps artist(s)) to do your comic. I must admit, Im not really a fan of the series, but thats because I have never played it as it didnt appeal to me. I may change my tone though.
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The books are good and add depth to the halo universe. They're quick reads and definitely go beyond just the game. Even the 2nd book which was the story of halo 1 had lots of interesting new twists to the story. I'll check out the graphic novels but i don't think they'll be as good as the books.
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