Sunday, May 6th 2007

Richard Garriott Speaks about MMOs

Lord British himself gave an interview regarding his current, Tabula Rasa, MMOs in terms of subscribing players and their future. Garriott of course speaks about projected life-time sales of Ultima Online and how this demand projection had been missed (in a positive way of course).
[GI]: So every new MMO game that comes out merely adds players, doesn't necessarily take away previous generations of players?
[Garriott]: I completely believe that is true.
It's a two parted interview, right now there's the first part online and the second part will be due sometime in next week.Source:
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4 Comments on Richard Garriott Speaks about MMOs

Bird of Prey
I didnt really like UO. Did anyone here?
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I think after ultima was sold to ea.... it became crappy, so 1-8 was good and very dos. 9 was horrible and uo, i didnt think it was worth my money
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to me uo is the best! the only mmo i enjoyed for more than a few months.
but it went down with BODs, separate resistances for fire, physical and stuff, luck and all this... oh and insurance!!!
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