Tuesday, May 15th 2007

ATI Drivers for Radeon HD 2900 Series

The following driver version is provided as an update to the driver software that currently ships with the Radeon HD 2900 series products. The download file contains the display drivers and Catalyst Control Center. This driver applies to the following operating systems: Windows XP Home/Professional/Media Center Edition/Professional x64 Edition and Windows Vista 32/64-bit. For more information please refer to the release notes. Source: AMD/ATI
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Heedless Psychic
ATi got a Vista 64bit driver? Damn their already a step in front of nVidia.
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This is why I chose ATI, good support.. we 2000series buys wont have 6 months of fucked up driver/support while a company just wants to pocket your money so they can pay off more game makers.. saves them from having to work on drivers lol. what can I say I HATE Nividia for that, so no gts 640mb for me. I'll order a 2900xt soon enough.
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this driver is 737-27535 but There is already in AMD site a 737-27542 so whats the new one ?????

btw: bought sapphire x2900 today :)

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Senior Moderator
Yeah Nvidia's driver support plain sucks. Where's my NF3 vista drivers you bunch af a-holes?
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does this help any with performance?
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it always should
in fact take a look at this:

"AMD has cautioned reviewers on DX10 "Lost Planet" benchmark to be released very soon. True enough, PCGH has managed to benchmark HD 2900 XT against 8800 GTS and the results are very clear; 19fps vs 39fps. Here's a snip from the email :

Tomorrow Nvidia is expected to host new DirectX 10 content on nZone.com in the form of a “Lost Planet” benchmark. Before you begin testing, there are a few points I want to convey about “Lost Planet”. “Lost Planet” is an Nvidia-sponsored title, and one that Nvidia has had a chance to look at and optimize their drivers for. The developer has not made us aware of this new benchmark, and as such the ATI Radeon driver team has not had the opportunity explore how the benchmark uses our hardware and optimize in a similar fashion. Over the next little while AMD will be looking at this, but in the meantime, please note that whatever performance you see will not be reflective of what gamers will experience in the final build of the game. "

Nvidia think they could fools everyone, but they will not fool TPU! :D
AMD is in financial troubles because they don't cheat like Nvidia does.
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Wile E
Power User
I really can't wait to be able to test these drivers. UPS tracking say Thursday for my delivery. This wait is killing me. lol
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Bird of Prey
::drool:: Im gonna have to get one of these puppies.
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