Wednesday, May 23rd 2007

GIGABYTE Odin PSUs with Software Control

GIGABYTE today announced its new Odin line of power supply units will ship soon. Two versions will be available: Odin Pro and Odin GT, ranging from 550W to 800W - across each model. All PSUs are equipped with Active PFC, over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage and short – circuit protection. Odin GT, the flagship model covers the Intel 12V V2.2 specification and has four +12V rails (2x18A, 2x25A). One of the most special features of the Odin GT power supplies is their software control. In brief, it manages the following: output voltages and load on each rail, power fan speed tweak, localized or preset temperature monitors, power supply lighting control, proximity warning bells and even present user modes for performance, normal use or silent operation. Other features include +80% efficiency, a silent 140mm fan, high-quality Japanese capacitors, SLI ready and modular cable management.

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4 Comments on GIGABYTE Odin PSUs with Software Control

The PSU monitoring interface sounds nice
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Bird of Prey
Sounds nice, with 2 different Amperage ratings for the 4 12v rails. Im kind of surprised to see Gigabyte in the PSU business, but they seem to be using quality parts. Id like to know who is building their psus myself. If they followed Corsair's route, it would be seasonic. But they couldnt go wrong with FSP or PCP&C.
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Does anyone have a link handy that charts or details the manufacturers of re-branded PSUs?
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