Tuesday, May 29th 2007

PQI launches new SSD and CF drives

Taipei, Taiwan ~ Power Quotient International Co., Ltd. (PQI) officially announced high speed 226X Industrial CF Turbo+ card, 256GB SSD Turbo+, 32GB PCI-E SSD and 1.8” 32GB ZIF – SSD storage mediums. The high speed 226X Industrial CF card Turbo+ is available with a maximum capacity of 16GB and a transfer rate of 38MB/sec.

PQI's 256GB SSD Turbo+ features transfer rates of up to 60MB/sec, PCI-E SSD is dedicated to notebooks in the form of a removable storage medium and 1.8” 32GB ZIF interface SSD is a rare but effective industrial storage option. As the forefather and a leader in industrial storage solutions, PQI continues to provide technology breakthrough SSDs and a completion industrial storage solution.
Bob Chu, PQI DiskOnModule Manager states, with growing popularity of flash drive hard drive due to SSD's shock proof, high stability and low power consumption properties, SSDs have made it’s debut in some of the world's renown PCs replacing traditional hard drives. Apart from the advantages described, SSDs also have longer average data storage time of 10 years and faster seek times compare to traditional hard drive read / write heads. PQI expects SSD to become the hard drive of the future and in 2008, SSD may replace up to 30% of traditional hard drive market.Source: PQI
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11 Comments on PQI launches new SSD and CF drives

256gig, wow, i want 4 for my media pc (because of the silence)
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pure geek pr0n
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Graphical Hacker
Price = 100x the cost of my computer... but pure sexy.
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that 1.8 zif would be a nice replacement for my dead 30g in my ipod
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Bird of Prey
Did they mention any prices?

that 256GB SSD is an awesome thing and Id love to have a couple of those in my computer. Games on one and the OS on the other. Then I could use my 250GB drive as storage :)
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WarEagleAU said:
Did they mention any prices?
I don't know, I was sure there was an implied "more than anyone can afford" on that 256mb model...
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No prices that I've seen either. What's worse is that you can't find these available anywhere. I think the big shops are buying them up for OEM reasons at least that's my guess.
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OMG This is amazing!!!!
THe 256GB would PWN so much, id give up my 2x 400gbs of storage just for one of those :)
It would be sooo fast.... WOW!
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That surely will improve many bench's O.o 38MB/sec thats sweet :rockout:
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I would want it... because:

1. Cable management would rawk
2. Silent
3. Page file would become my new RAM.
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