Sunday, June 3rd 2007

IGN gets a first hand look at Guitar Hero 3

We already posted a press release which talked all about how there really was going to be a Guitar Hero 3, and how it was going to be for the PS2 and Xbox360. The press release went on about how sweet Guitar Hero was going to be.

While Guitar Hero 3 looks good on paper, IGN actually went through the trouble of reviewing a pre-release version of the game.

Guitar Hero 3 is much different from either of the two previous versions of the game. The first thing dedicated fans of the game will notice is Neversoft's interest in tweaking the difficulty. At this point, they aren't doing a good job...Guitar Hero "experts" were constantly failing songs in the pre-release version of GH3. Neversoft claims that when they actually release the game, the difficulty will be "just right", between the first and second game's level of difficulty.

IGN also noticed quite a few other improvements. The graphics got a complete overhaul, and several elements of the game look much different. Things such as the star power meter have been improved for gamers, though still have the same function as they have had in the previous two versions of the game. There will be two new multi-player modes. The first mode is a co-op campaign, which allows for two people to play their way through a list of some of the most shred-tastic duets ever. The second multi-player mode is "battle mode", which is basically a re-vamped face-off.

This will be the first Guitar Hero game that was not developed with Harmonix. Only time will tell if Neversoft will make Guitar Hero 3 rock out loud...or if they'll just get booed off stage.Source: 1Up
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Bird of Prey
The first two were interesting games. Ive played them at ::gulp:: Walmart. It was pretty fun trying to keep up and play the notes and stuff. We rocked out big time up there. Had it on a HDTV with surround sound. The employees and people loved it.
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I absolutely dislike that game, too childish in my opinion.
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i played guitar hero 2 at my friends house. not to bad, just the guitar was like a toy. that and the controls for the controller (he only had one guitar) was weird, it used all the triggers, which made holding the 360 controller very interesting and uncomfortable.
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I picked up the Guitar Hero Gibson sometime last August, and have been hooked ever since :p.

I got the game for myself on Christmas day, started playing on medium. That got boring quick, so I challenged myself to Hard. I finally did it, without failing too many songs. After having a blast on Hard, I try to move on to expert...and I am officially a GH2 Expert as of April 9 2007 :D.

It was a long, hard road to Expert. I really got stuck after the fifth set of songs on GH2 (I've played through almost all the songs on GH1, I just never formally beat it). I remember really getting stuck on such unheard-of hits as Psychobilly Freakout, Beast and the Harlot, Rock this town, and Misirlou.

But I still beat it :D.
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I seriously cannot believe that Harmonix left, after doing such an ultimate job on GH1 & 2
It is one of the most popular PS2 games in Australia, and now Neversoft wants to fill Harmonix shoes? Well...good luck.
Although some of the new challenge modes look really good. It just sucks because Neversoft don't have all the experience of Harmonix to program the game. Let's hope it works out for the better, because ever since GH2, i have huge expectations for 3
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