Wednesday, July 18th 2007

TILON Presents Its HTPC Case For Trinion L7

Good news for people who think about buying an HTPC for home use come from Korea. TILON Technology presented its HTPC case for ‘Trinion L7’. Its main feature is an touchscreen LCD while it also supports Trinion service that includes various content such as 8-channel music thousands of movies, online game and news. Featuring aluminum finish, the case also offers RF remote control.

Source: Aving
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4 Comments on TILON Presents Its HTPC Case For Trinion L7

Bird of Prey
That is one snazzy look HTPC!!!
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That looks really, really nice. Of course I'm sure that once I hear the price, it will act as a dribble bib, and I'll forget all about it...
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That is sooooooo nice but I bet it has the price to match...
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
i checked online for a price and nothing came up. damn korean sites! but guess 'tilon htpc' and the first site listed it techpowerup! tpu ftw!
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