Thursday, July 19th 2007

Saitek Releases New Cyborg Line

Saitek just released its new line of Cyborg products, featuring an Gamepad and an Gaming Headset. The Cyborg Rumble Gamepad was designed with both Xbox and PC gamers in mind. This move by Saitek is possibly connected to the fact that day by day we see more and more console titles beeing transfered to pc, meaning that gamepad sales will increase in time. The Cyborg Rumble Gamepad incorporates a Precision Control mode that allows gamers to select the sticks and buttons on the controller that, when the mode is activated, are desensitized so as to allow for the most precision.

The controller also features the same Cyborg module we first saw in Cyborg Evo flight stick allowing gamers to alternate the positions of the left analog stick and digital d-pad. Saitek also announced the Cyborg Headset a headset following the path of the Speed-Link Medusa and other 5.1 surround sound headsets. No pricing and release dates are yet known.

Source: IGN
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Bird of Prey
Both of those look Wicked. Im especially a huge fan of that controller. Saitek controllers are usually pretty cheap and decent quality as well. I still have an old Saitek Joystick type deal.
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