Thursday, July 19th 2007

Velocity Micro Unveils WHS

Velocity Micro is working on a product titled Windows Home Server which is obviously named after Microsoft's upcoming Windows Home Server OS. First reports say that the Home Server can be oriented horizontally or vertically, uses an Intel Conroe-like processor with DDR2 RAM, has SATA II (with NCQ), gigabit Ethernet, eSATA, and will launch when Microsoft Windows Home Server gets released. Chris Morley, director of product development stated that
The WHS is another piece to our digital home initiative: cable cards, home theather, desktop, living room form-factor ... and it's not the last one

Source: Engadget
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lol first i thought it is a beamer, then i thought it has one included and after reading and having a closser look i realised that isnt and hasnt :o

curious design....
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Bird of Prey
it looks like one of them spaceships from the movie Batteries Not Included.
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