Thursday, July 26th 2007

ECS Releases Motherboard Based On SiS671

SiS announced that the SiS671-based ECS 671T-M motherboard has entered production. The 671T-M is one of the most advanced and unique modules of ECS production. It can also support latest Intel® Core™2 Duo/ Celeron D processors, up to 1066MHz FSB,DDR2 667, two serial ATA and 8 USB 2.0 ports for features. With embedded Mirage3 Graphics, 256M share memory and one PCI ExpressX16 slot, all these advance supports, we believe your computer can run with best performance and bring you the great value and enjoyment.

Source: ECS
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6 Comments on ECS Releases Motherboard Based On SiS671

Bird of Prey
Well it looks like SiS chipsets are moving up to respectable gaming.
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SiS is like VIA , Intel and AMD..All four manufacture Motherboard chipsets.
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looks like a good budget board.

It wont OC, and only 667 ram support knocks it out of being useful with a conroe, but throw an E4400 in there with an 8600GT and you have a nice cheap rig.
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I see this as a nice HTPC motherboard. Throw in one of those Pentium Dual core processors (or the ULV cpu's, if they ever come out for LGA 775), 2 gb of ram, 8500 gt, 1 TB of hdd. Pretty decent HTPC, but this isn't something I'd recommend to if you want to overclock.
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