Thursday, July 26th 2007

Buffalo Reveals 300GB 2.5-inch External Hard Drive

Following in the footsteps of Fujitsu's latest 2.5-inch 300GB external hard drive named the Calmee Moon Buffalo just introduced a shock-resistant 300GB external TurboUSB drive. This small enclosure has most likely Fujitsu's new 300GB 2.5-inch hard drive since it is the only brand that has such a small external drive in its arsenal. Coming next month the drive will be available in black and white colors and will retail for $300.

Source: Buffalo
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3 Comments on Buffalo Reveals 300GB 2.5-inch External Hard Drive

Bird of Prey
I like how these drives are getting smaller and thinner. Makes them easy to set up somewhere or store them somewhere out of the way.
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they are ideal upgrades for any laptops to as there very small and dont need a external power supply
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~Technological Technocrat~
Now i can have a drive dedicated to run all my games & Mp3's off :D
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