Friday, August 17th 2007

LimeWire to Sell DRM-Free Music

LimeWire is well known throughout the pirating world as one of the most common file sharing engine. Recenly, LimeWire has faced lawsuits from the RIAA, Universal Music, Sony BMG, EMI and Warner Music. It seems as though LimeWire is making some attempt to go straight. The LimeWire Music Store will sell DRM-free 256Kbps MP3s from IRIS distribution and Nettwerk Productions. The LimeWire Store will have popular artists available, such as Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, and Paul Van Dyk. The LimeWire file sharing client will still be available, however, future versions will have links in them to the LimeWire Music Store.

There is no word on when the store will launch, how much money each song will cost, and whether or not other record labels will join LimeWire. Source: DailyTech
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Bird of Prey
Hmm...seems that the avenues for Pirates are getting smaller and smaller. Admittedly, I dont use Limewire anymore because 80% of the stuff on there was junk files and viruses.
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I don't think limewire should be selling DRMless music. The type of person who downloads limewire is the type of person who likes to steal music and other software. People will buy a song, then distribute it thru limewire.
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Nemesis881 said:
limewire ftw.
Woot, as long as you use it in moderation.
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kwchang007 said:
Woot, as long as you use it in moderation.
yea i know, I've actually bought 3 cd's in the past few months :eek:
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limewire selling drm-free music?? what....thats so useless, giving the fact that it is a p2p and your shared folder..umm you can drag and drop your own music you have ripped from a cd thats better in terms of quailty and its naturally drm-free lol. i have no complains, limewire is always a step ahead and will always be ahead of the RIAA, limewires false tatics is what makes them so 'true to its roots" they offer you limewire basic and you have to pay for limewire pro, but you dont, you d/l pro off the basic, tatics to think the RIAA has them in check is awesom, not only that p2p users like me are just sitting here at a cafe shop, laughing at the RIAA, i mean c'mon c'mon limewire knows its own community and how smart they are, well few exceptions. we know there in legal battle so, why not satitsfy the riaa by giving them what they want but at the same time make a joke out of it. Limewire plays it smart unlike kazaza or whatever they were called
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