Saturday, September 1st 2007

Patriot Memory Releases DDR3 1600MHz Low Latency Kit

Patriot Memory today announced the released of its newest DDR3 Extreme Performance Low Latency memory kit rated at 1600MHz (PC3-15000). With timings of 7-7-7-18 and running at 1.8V, Patriot's Extreme Performance DDR3 1600MHz is among the fastest in the market. Designed for Intel's latest P35 and X38 Express chipsets, these modules offer the highest level of performance required by today's gaming and enthusiast community. Available in 2GB kits they are also accompanied with a lifetime warranty. For more information on the Patriot's DDR3 modules, please visit this page.Source: Patriot
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2 Comments on Patriot Memory Releases DDR3 1600MHz Low Latency Kit

I'm the only one
the two 512mb sticks of patriot ep pc7200 i have are really good,got em to bench at 1120mhz.i like patriot ram.
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Bird of Prey
Patriot makes some excellent ram. 1 question...I thought DDR3 default operating voltage was supposed to be 1.5v. Am I wrong on that?
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