Friday, September 21st 2007

ATI RV670 (HD 2950) Pictured

Spy photos showing video card powered by the ATI RV670 GPU have leaked online.

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Dr. Spankenstein said:
Oh HELL yes!!! Sign me up for two! :)
The ATI-fanboyism is strong in this one.
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Weer, shut up. Seriously. Anything I read a comment of yours it's about "fanboyism". Who freakin' cares! This looks a hell of a lot more promising than the x2900.
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Ohh baby, that card is the dogs proverbials, it so pawns anything from the dummies at nvidia, ATI will dominate the market for years to come with this lunch and with future cards, ATI is simply teh best.:nutkick:

Hows that for fanboyism:rolleyes:
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Only one power connector? Could this affect overclocking ability? Depends how more energy efficient the die shrink is I guess
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Senior Moderator
All of you stop. Keep the thread on topic or it will be closed.
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What's all that white crap on the back of the card?

Edit: middle picture
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Let me guess

Announced on the 25th
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Lower heat, lower price, more features and better performance?

This refresh may catch my $$$.
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If that's really capable of being cooled by a single-slot cooler, and using jsut one 6-pin power connector... well, I think I may just be planning on having one.
Although I'd likely have to build a new system, this one might bottleneck it, to say the least.
I wonder what the price will be like.
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Looks pretty swish.

May look at one (or two?!) of these to replace my X1900XT eventually. Depends how well they actually perform. (oh and the price obviously)
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To infinity ... and beyond!
ooooo it's sooo pretty
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Yay 1 slot solutions :D! Go AMD!
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With this video card running using 55nm its hard to gauge if this is a low end, medium or high end part. Although the designation of RV suggests anything other then high end, only time will were this stands. However, I do hope to see the day were we are back to 1 slot high end video cards.
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Confirming whether it's 256-bit would mean waiting for details.
If it's mid-range, it'll likely use 256-bit Ring Bus (256-bit up, 256-bit down).
If it's to replace the 2900, it'll probably use the same 512-bit ring bus (512-bit up, 512-bit down) or an improved version.
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DaJMasta said:
and better performance
How do you figure?
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erocker said:
Weer, shut up. Seriously. Anything I read a comment of yours it's about "fanboyism". Who freakin' cares! This looks a hell of a lot more promising than the x2900.
Thank You very much.
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[I.R.A]_FBi said:
Single Slot Cooler?
Thats the first thing I thought also. The california heat killed my x1900gt with its single slot cooler. I was hoping for a dual slot so I wouldn't have to buy a 3rd party cooler. Hell the x1900gt single slot looks better than this HD2950pro's does.
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So this will be the "Pro" then? Anyone know of an XT or XTX model?
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give it a few months to make its way to agp then i just might buy one if the price is right and if its not the "Major Improvement" that we saw from the 1900-1950 series which was all just smoke and mirrors if you ask me
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This is the x1950pro of DX10 then. For now. If I still used AGP I would deffinitely get one of these. I don't really like the cooling, but this will probablly be a very popular card and I'm sure there will be a lot of alternative cooling choices for it.
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Graphical Hacker
Seems photoshop played a major role... you have no idea how much is wrong with the first pic.
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Weer said:
The ATI-fanboyism is strong in this one.
Edit: oh noes! I say, baad show! im seriously gonna call u a Mc Nubbin coz every post ive read so far has your RATHER POOR JESTED rant about fan boy this fan boy that. ;)

do u know by going on about that actually makes u a fan boy yourself?? pro-active Nvidea'ism!!!

*Edited for respect to front page listing, still, Weer sux ass
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