Saturday, September 29th 2007

Sparkle Announces New Overclocked G80 Graphics Cards

SPARKLE Computer announced yesterday two new video cards. The firm's new Calibre P889 series replace the previous P880 series and use NVIDIA's Geforce 8800 reference design. The P889+ is based on the 8800 GTX and comes with a core clock of 630MHz and a memory clock of 1960MHz, compared to the standard 575MHz core and 1800MHz memory. The shader clock is also up from 1350MHz to 1512MHz. The P889 Ultra, based on the 8800 Ultra, has a core clock of 650MHz, a memory clock of 2250MHz and a shader clock of 1674MHz, compared to the 612MHz/2160MHz/1500MHz of the reference platform.
Source: TG Daily
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2 Comments on Sparkle Announces New Overclocked G80 Graphics Cards

The Calibre cards have the best stock coolers.
If you're not going to get an HR-03 Plus, this is second best.
But I reccomend the HR-03 Plus.
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Bird of Prey
What cooler do they use? Any pics or any site showing it off where I can look?
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