Tuesday, October 9th 2007

Sony Announces White PS3 with DualShock

After finally agreeing to return rumble to its PlayStation controllers following legal disputes, Sony has now announced the first PS3 console which will be released featuring the updated DualShock 3 technology. The white PS3 console, pictured below, will be launched in Japan on November 11th this year costing about $341, and is the first official colour variation of the machine. It will use the new 40GB hard drive, although DualShock 3 will only be available in Japan initially, with the console continuing to be sold with the standard SIXAXIS for at least a few months in Europe and North America – DualShock 3 isn’t expected outside of Japan until spring next year.

Source: DailyTech
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3 Comments on Sony Announces White PS3 with DualShock

Bird of Prey
I would expect (though I know it wont happen) Sony and Microsoft to follow nintendo's generosity with their new controllers. Id like for them to give folks who own PS3s if not a dual shock controller for free, damn, at least a nice discount One can dream though, I know it wont happen
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i like this white one. probably the only console/handheld of theirs i like in white.
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do we really need another version of the PS3 so far there is

PS3 with BVD-T
now a white one with a dual shock, and god only know actual how many HDD configuations with will come in when it hits everywhere, this is just silly!

what happened with the good old day of the mega drive and snes, where one version of the console suited its life span
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