Tuesday, October 16th 2007

Warmonger delayed - but release not too far away

As you know, Warmonger is nearing its announced ship date. We’ve recently undergone some additional online field testing, both internally and externally with a select group of PhysX beta testers and have gotten great feedback. We want to take advantage of the suggestions we’ve gotten from the gaming community and ensure this game is absolutely a showcase for hardware-accelerated physics and UE3 engine capabilities. Therefore, there will be a slight delay in shipment in order to make a few functional adjustments and server infrastructure improvements. We are committed to rolling this out in time for the holidays.
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4 Comments on Warmonger delayed - but release not too far away

so thats why it whast released thx for the heads up

and why ship it free right
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This game is so awesome.....very very impressive....You will enjoy it, when it is released
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