Wednesday, October 17th 2007

TOMARNI is Introducing „Jungfernheide“

„Jungfernheide“ is the world’s smallest lifestyle computer which can be set up with the 8800 Series of NVIDIA. As always at TOMARNI, it is available in over 200 colors.

“Jungfernheide” was designed to offer the discerning user a reliable computer system which ideally fits into any living environment. Due to the special build of the body, for the first time a Nvidia GeForce 8800 graphics card can be used even though the system measures only 280 x 250 x 353 mm. To ensure “Jungfernheide” blends into any living environment, design as well as noise emission was optimized. The introductory offer is priced at € 899, sales tax included.
The system provides maximum performance through its Intel Core2 Duo E6850 processor, the rapid Mushkin Redline memory and the high-end graphics card Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX. The low operating noise is attained through specifically optimizing the TOMARNI air cooling system. Individual design is emphasized through the possibility to choose the color of the system from the full RAL color palette.

About the company:

Founded in the end of 2006, TOMARNI GmbH is already on its way to become Germany’s leading high-end computer systems provider. The close proximity to the Free University of Berlin and its facilities provides TOMARNI GmbH with the ideal conditions to develop innovative products and systems. Assistance facilitated by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the European Social Fund enables TOMARNI GmbH to consistently utilize scientific research and to sustain the innovative profile of the company.Source: TOMARNI
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8 Comments on TOMARNI is Introducing „Jungfernheide“

Eat, sleep, game!
They look like the Lian Li case with the side mounted ROM....but uglier ;)
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Wile E
Power User
It appears to be a rebadged and painted Lian Li PC-V300.

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Eat, sleep, game!
Wile E said:
It appears to be a rebadged and painted Lian Li PC-V300.

Thats the one I was thinking of :)
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thought the the same thing when i saw it, never liked it from lian li realeased it anyways so still don't lol
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Bird of Prey
It looks like a stero box with grills.
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I owned the Lian Li variant, it was a fantastically well constructed case with the only problem being that a long gfx card (x1800/ 7800 and beyond) would require the floppy drive bay cage to be cut. Mounting the hard drives beside the psu and above the gfx card did seem a little silly as well but they aren't that sensitive anyway :rockout:
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W1zzard's Sidekick
Well these cases are taken apart completely powder painted and then put back together by hand. and the interior is modded to fit large graphic cards! we saw a system at the Games Convention 07! Sweet stuff :)

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Darksaber said:
then put back together by hand.
It would be cooler if it was done by robots...
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