Tuesday, October 23rd 2007

DFI LanParty 790FX Pictured

DFI, famous for its Lan Party series of motherboards is rumored to launch next month two new products named DFI-LP UT 790FX-M2R and DFI-LP UT 790FX-M2RV. Based on the soon to be released AMD AM2+ 790FX chipset both motherboards will have identical specs except for DFI-LP UT 790FX-M2RV which will include a VoIP card.

Source: Techzone
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Everything looks good, but those green ram slots sticks out.
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Nice :cool:

it looks like the chipset doesnt make much heat:) :toast:
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I want to see their 780i :D
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How did they come up with that color scheme?
This is what I am thinking :

Guy 1 : "Hey Guy2, what color do you think sucks the most on a motherboard?"

Guy2 : "Yellow really sucks.... what do you think Guy3?"

Guy3 : "Pea green is about as bad as you can get"

Guy1 : "Great, pea green and yellow it is!"
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Senior Monkey Moderator
Maybe it's for Green Bay Packer fans. :D
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TPU addict
Don't it only take like 7w ? or is that another i am thinking about?.
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~Technological Technocrat~
why dont DFI actually come out with a decent colour scheme? black mobo with red or blue mem slots etc...the mobo has its overclocking prowess by the bucket loads but when it comes to colour schemes it looks like something i could get out of a box or lego. its like a 860Bhp supercar being limited to 5mph.

it might look good but engines childish
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haaahaaa @ d44ve.. :)

Yeah that green is a bit off thats for sure.. if they really had to use a green slot then a brighter more fluoro green woulda looked slightly better...

But still a v.nice looking board.

I still get that annoyed, frustrated feeling everytime I look at a dfi board because I know if I had one it would be giving me heaps of dramas tryin to get it stable... :laugh: But I still want one.
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Cooling looks really great in that (color&styling) and stick memory in those green slots and they get blocked out of sight :)
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And i just bought a lanparty nf590 m2 on monday :banghead:
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What's wrong with yellow? Yellow looks great.
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Bird of Prey
Beautiful board. I like the one with the VoIP in it.
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
thats nice.... AMD and Nvidia will have boards out with the same named chipsets at the same time.

AMD's 790fx vs. Nvidia's 790i, 780i/a, and 750i/a.

who comes up with this S***?!?

then Nvidia will have a 9800/9600 card soon... at leasts it will be a good 200x faster than ATI's 9800/9600's.
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Nice, it looks like a DFI should look.....
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von kain
what ??/only 2 sata??? i strongly dislike
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
von kain said:
what ??/only 2 sata??? i strongly dislike
are you blind? there is FOUR more in the side of the board.
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von kain
i thing it is time for me to buy new glasses (or to start wear some) anyony speculate the price?
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well DFI are fans of the mod scene and like their neons and uv lights, those slots really do glow when under a UV light. but yeah, i'd like to see an all black mobo, i like my cases to look like ninjas :laugh:
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the VRM sink near the CPU looks like a fan can clip in there to aid the cooling. its got that strange square gap, and four holes - but no electrical wiring nearby for audio or anything like that
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DrunkenMafia said:

I still get that annoyed, frustrated feeling everytime I look at a dfi board because I know if I had one it would be giving me heaps of dramas tryin to get it stable... :laugh: But I still want one.
Dude... my DFI board is stable... :/
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I loved my old DFI board, always went to whatever I told to completely stable. Kind of wish I had gotten another...this Asus board is great too though.
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My Lanparty NF4 thinks that board is sexy!
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The Exiled Airman
shoot, having hard time selecting now, with those boards coming soon, I can have a AMD 5000+ Black Edition, but I have Reveiws of Intel motherboards and 6420 CPU is choice for me.
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The little gap is for that big external heatsink thingie they do that you attach through the I/O shield as per their P35 board.
I saw this board up and running in DFI's lab about a month or so ago and it had a tiny little heatsink on the chipset at the time and no cooling on the digital VRM.
The VoIP module is similar to the SkyTel or TelSky things that Asus and MSI are using in as much as it's a card that sits in a PCI slot and you connect your phone to it. It then routes your Skype calls to it. The card also has to be attached to the onboard sound module.
It's also unlikely that there's enough PCI Express bandwidth for all those PCIe slots on the board to run at full speed.
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