Saturday, October 27th 2007

BitTorrent Site Promises to Bring Back OiNK

The Pirate Bay said Friday that it was working on bringing back OiNK, a BitTorrent tracker that featured music files from "hundreds of thousands" of music albums. OiNK was taken down on October 23 by police in the Netherlands and Britain in conjunction with the IFPI and BPI, and a message on the site's front page indicates that an investigation was ongoing into the "identities and activities" of its users. However, the BitTorrent community has chosen to fight back, opening another site called BOiNK which is expected to be live within the next several days. The original owners of OiNK are not involved, nor are any other BitTorrent sites.
The most important thing about BOiNK is perhaps the message it sends out to the IFPI and the BPI: It shows that that if you stop one tracker, others will pop up days after,
Ernesto wrote for TorrentFreak. Read the full story here.Source: BetaNews
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3 Comments on BitTorrent Site Promises to Bring Back OiNK

Sold my stars!
pirate bay's been really working hard on keeping torrenting alive huh, well lets hope they can.
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Bird of Prey
I never heard of this. This could be a new resource for my music downloading....thanks!
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No, thank you! This is worth looking into.
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