Wednesday, October 31st 2007

Dell Plugs in Energy Star 4.0 Consumer Desktop

Dell today extended its commitment to becoming the “greenest” technology company on Earth with the addition of an Energy Star 4.0-compliant desktop that helps consumers reduce their carbon footprint. The specially configured Inspiron 531 is Dell’s first consumer PC to meet the Energy Star 4.0 requirements. Powered by an 80 percent efficient power supply, the system comes pre-configured to switch to a low-power sleep state after 15 minutes of inactivity and also includes a forest-friendly paperless owner’s manual. Using an energy-efficient desktop with a flat panel monitor for four years can reduce carbon dioxide (C02) emissions by approximately the same amount as not driving a car for eight weeks. With a starting price of $369, the Inspiron 531 is available to U.S. customers immediately. Entry-level configurations include an AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor, 1GB2 DDR memory, 160GB hard drive, CDRW / DVD combination drive, NVIDIA integrated graphics, Windows Vista Home Basic, and one year Limited Warranty with In-Home Service and support. More information on Dell’s energy efficiency programs is available at here.

Source: Dell
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4 Comments on Dell Plugs in Energy Star 4.0 Consumer Desktop

so can i run this on a battery that uses a lemon, copper, and zinc?
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Sold my stars!
ktr said:
so can i run this on a battery that uses a lemon, copper, and zinc?
where does it say that?

as for the news, very good move by dell, 80% efficent psu, thats really good, hopefully it will run over 80% and have a decent oem, but then again.. its a cheap dell so..
nice move by dell thoguh.
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Bird of Prey
Green is the thing these days. My next pc is gonna be as green as possible ( i may even paint my case AMD green )
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Do you guys realize how many Penguins and Rainforests these PCs are going to save?! PCs account for 83% of all greenhouse gasses. That's even more than Bovine Flatulence!
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