Wednesday, November 7th 2007

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Now Gold

EA Canada's upcoming Wii and PSP installment in the Medal of Honor series has gone gold, EA announced today. Medal of Honor Heroes 2 will ship to stores for both platforms on November 13th, a week later than anticipated. Designed from the ground up for each platform, Heroes 2 features unprecedented 32-player multiplayer on both Wii and PSP. The Wii version has support for the Zapper peripheral, and includes a separate on-rails shooter mode to highlight this feature. The screens below are captured from the Wii version of the game.

Source: Shacknews
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3 Comments on Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Now Gold

Well at least these Wii screenshots look etter than their original xbox brethren did. Or at least their shinier ha ha ha ha

Not to mention its nice to see that there is 32 player multiplayer on it for the Wii.

Though even if this game is innovative I still say that we all need to boycott this so as to kick it to EA where it hurts:nutkick::nutkick:
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Those screenshots aren't too awful bad. Good for the Wii.
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Wow, seems like it will vomit bloom into my face constantly.

I think games found a good and balanced amount of bloom nowadays. But this game looks more like the time when they tried to compensate crappy textures with a s**tload of bloom. Some looked like "Dr. Bloom blooming at Bloomingdays".
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