Wednesday, November 21st 2007

ESRB Re-Evaluates Manhunt 2; Maintains 'M' Rating

We all know about the controversy surrounding Manhunt 2. It got an "AO" rating, Sony and Nintendo refused to support it, Rockstar blurred out and hid the questionable content, and now Manhunt 2 is out on all platforms under an M rating. This worked fine until some hackers unlocked what seemed to be all the hidden content. As The Inquirer so eloquently puts it...
Western civilisation threatened to collapse as parents across the US feared their children would be turned into axe-wielding zombies. There were even moves in the Senate to ban such computer games and calls to cover children in bubble wrap until the emergency passed.
And so, the ESRB re-evaluated Manhunt 2. They did what any curious teenager would: use the power of Google and persistence to unlock the locked content. However, the ESRB noticed two things. First, the steps required to unlock content were ridiculous, and illegal in themselves. Second, even after the supposed unlock, most of the truly nasty content was still unavailable. And so, with a few giggles, the ESRB maintained Manhunt 2's M rating.Source: GameSpot via The Inquirer
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This might be the first sane thing they have done.
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That's what should have happend with the whole GTA: San Andreas debacle.
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The ESRB just realizes that Rockstar worked hard to reduce the violence in Manhunt 2 and that if they had still given it an Adult's Only rating then there would have been some tremendous heat than ever before on the ESRB
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