Friday, December 7th 2007

Dell Sued for Patent Infringement

After ASUS was accused of patent infringement by IBM yesterday, Dell is the company in the legal spotlight today after a company called Typhoon Touch Technologies has commenced legal action against both Dell and Motion Computing. According to Typhoon, Dell and Motion Computing have infringed upon US Patent No. 5,379,057 entitled “Portable Computer with Touch Screen and Computer System Employing Same” and the similarly named Patent No. 5,675,362 entitled “Portable Computer with Touch Screen and Computing System Employing Same”. Typhoon’s CEA and President, James Shepard said the following:
As alleged in our Complaint, we believe that both Dell and Motion Computing are using and profiting from our patented technologies. It is our responsibility to ask the Court to enjoin Dell and Motion Computing from the continued violation of our patents and seek recovery of lost profits. In addition, it is our intention to protect the interests of our shareholders, licensed users and our future business, by seeking all damages available, including treble damages.

At the core of our offering is to partner with companies to bring our unique technology to the market for their own competitive advantage. As further set forth in our Complaint, the alleged infringement by both Dell and Motion Computing absolutely impedes on our offering and has prevented us from obtaining our due royalties. We believe that their infringement was wilful and therefore entitles us to treble damages.
Source: BusinessWire
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7 Comments on Dell Sued for Patent Infringement

Dell? You have really made a big mistake now...
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hacker111 said:
Dell? You have really made a big mistake now...
nah... companies patent inevitable technologies so that they can start suing and exorting fees as soon as major manufacturer begins using a similar technology. Chances are that Dell never even heard of these guys.
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And what do you know -- it was filed in East Texas. Why am I not surprised.
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well they might aswell start suing all companies with Laptops, cause even the one we use in the field has the same tech. I say its a lose Situation for the Suing Company
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This is how the world works now a days.
Make a patent, keep relativley quiet about it.
Get someone to nosy about other firms to see if they can be accused of using your patent then sue them.
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Heedless Psychic
"Portable Computer with Touch Screen and Computer System Employing Same" That sounds like a very, VERY generic term if you ask me. Shooting into the night from the hip without a flashlight IMO.
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IDK, with Michael Dell at the Reigns of his company again (President and CEO) the rival company has their work cut out for them, not to mention their days are numbered.
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