Thursday, January 3rd 2008

Dell Crystal Concept LCD Monitor Launched

Last year at CES in Las Vegas, Dell previewed a "concept" ultra-sleek monitor with tempered glass design and super-thin, clean profile. Now, just a few days before CES '08 we learn that the concept has made it to mass production. The Dell Crystal, much like its name implies, is the latest in Dell display innovation - featuring a breathtakingly slim and stylish design. The 22" widescreen LCD panel is encased in 4mm premium grade ultra-clear tempered glass floating on a beautiful chrome-plated zinc alloy tripod stand. Not only beautiful, this display offers exceptional performance including: 1680x1050 native resolution, TrueColor Technology with 98 percent color gamut (typical), 2ms gtg response time, 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, HD connectivity with DVI / HDMI with HDCP, sub-woofer out, USB and built-in 2.0 megapixel webcam with microphone. Priced at $1,199, Crystal is available at Dell.

Source: HotHardware
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12 Comments on Dell Crystal Concept LCD Monitor Launched

may i be the first to say that for a dell product, that is rather pretty.

now for the narrowminded comment :P

'i'd buy one and scrape the dell logo of it for sure'

flame on!
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Like others have said before, leave off the utterly useless (and ugly) speakers, and it'd look great.
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If I had ridiculous sums of money to burn, I'd buy one
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I just got a LCD 19'' widescreen :( I feel sad now
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Now the question comes up. Will the 24 inch feature this design, or the old design to be more cost friendly.
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Still waiting for displayport on mainstream monitors/GFX cards (think Dell started with the 30" model for DP).
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If I had $1,200 to spend i'd def get this, looks amazing :toast:
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1200$ for what appears to be a TN panel (2ms)?!? Sure it's pretty, but... it's a 22, it's probably a TN panel and d00d, u'r getting a dell!!
a TN panel, and its not even 1920x1200, I just bought a VGA panel monitor, with 1920x1200 for $500
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hmmm, it looks like a mod i had seen a while back. someone had sandwiched their lcd panel between two panes of plexiglass. the only difference between theirs and dells was that they didn't have the stupid speakers, and the guy installed red leds. it was the shizz.
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Wile E
Power User
With the 2ms response time, and the 160deg viewing angles, it's definitely a Tn-film panel. They're crazy to charge that much for that panel, regardless of how pretty it is. Just ridiculous.
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