Friday, January 4th 2008

SAPPHIRE Announces AGP HD 3850

SAPPHIRE Technology has just announced support for legacy PC systems using the AGP graphics bus with a new product in its HD 3000 series which brings the latest graphics architectures and features to this industry standard platform.

The SAPPHIRE HD 3850 AGP is available with 512MB of GDDR3 memory, running at 846MHz (1.7GHz effective) and has a core clock speed of 700MHz. It is a standard ATX format card, compatible with the industry standard AGP interface and with its slim fan assisted cooler the card occupies only a single expansion slot in the PC.

The SAPPHIRE HD 3850 AGP shares the 320 stream processors and 512-bit internal ring bus memory controller of the latest PCI-Express models together with multiple rendering units and a programmable tessellation unit. This new product’s unified shader architecture with support for Shader Model 4.0 and the forthcoming DirectX 10.1 combine to deliver the most outstanding graphics performance ever available to AGP users.

Now manufactured in a new 55nm process technology, the GPU in the HD 3000 series delivers high performance with lower power consumption than previous generations. A new feature known as ATI PowerPlay actively reduces power consumption depending on loading. On the AGP model, additional power is required via the 8-pin PCI-Express connector fitted, which can be provided from a standard power supply with an adapter cable (supplied).

The SAPPHIRE HD 3850 AGP incorporates the latest ATI Avivo HD Technology for enhanced Video display and features a built in UVD (Unified Video decoder) for the hardware accelerated decoding of Blu-ray and HD DVD content for both VC-1 and H.264 codecs, considerably reducing CPU loading. Two independent display output controllers provide support for two dual link DVI displays as well as TV-out and HD TV options. HDCP is supported.

SAPPHIRE HD 3000 series graphics cards are Microsoft Windows Vista Premium certified and supported by the ATI Catalyst suite of software, ensuring customers have ongoing access to software updates for performance, stability and added features.

Specifications: SAPPHIRE HD 3850 AGP

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56 Comments on SAPPHIRE Announces AGP HD 3850

Makaveli said:
Well i'm speaking from first hand experience, I first noticed what a cpu bottleneck will do when running a NForce 2 barton + X800XTPE a few years ago. When I moved that videocard to a A64 3200+ there was a huge increase in videocard performance. Enough so that it was noticeable without even running benchmarks it could be felt in game.

And as for the pervious post, I was running a x1950 Pro AGP on my Opteron 170 @ 2.7 Ghz and the bottleneck was small. however a 3850 is much faster and would increase said bottleneck. I would hate to see one of these cards in a P4 :banghead:
so ur gona hate me?
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Resident Grammar Amender
Exactly the explanation I was looking for Makaveli.

Morgoth, he won't hate you, he'll hate the lack of performance and the card's potential being limited. :(
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15th Warlock
I plan on using this with my present
P4 rig as an HTPC, why throw away a perfectly fine and working PC? No need for haters here ;)
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Senior Moderator
InnocentCriminal said:
I know that CPUs do create a bottleneck it's just I'm the sort of person that needs to proof when people say things along these lines.
Pay attention to the SM2 & SM3 scores:

Stock settings: (24/7 CPU settings)

Max OC Video Card:

Max OC V.Card & CPU:
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Resident Grammar Amender
Could you do one with the video card at stock and the CPU overclocked please? ^^
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Senior Moderator
To get it back to 3.2 or more, I'm going to have to wait a couple of days untill it get's cooler outside.
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