Wednesday, February 6th 2008

Worst Threat to Internet Security: Human Error

Frightened by the sheer multitude of ways that a corporate network could be crippled, a consulting firm took it upon themselves to investigate the most harrowing threats to technology on the planet. Deloitte (the aforementioned consulting firm) discovered that while viruses and spyware were all well and good, the worst threat is much harder to control: human error. Anything ranging from a simple malware infection to a complete system take-down could by caused by an employee who presses the wrong button on the wrong day. Coincidentally, companies fear human error more than any other problem. 91% of survey respondents claimed they were worried about human error, while a comparatively paltry 28% were worried about contractor/third-party software.Source:
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endorsed .. the amount of ppl on my msn now with msn viruses its sick ... i'd hate to have them use my pc ...
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