Friday, February 8th 2008

Nexus Unveils New XiR CPU Coolers

Holland-based component creator Nexus has updated its processor cooling line-up by introducing the XiR-2300 and XiR-3500. These two coolers have similar specs, come with the same fan but are set apart by the material used for their cooling fins - aluminum for the XiR-2300 and copper for the XiR-3500. The overall weight is also different - 382 grams for the XiR-2300 and 736 grams for the XiR-3500 model. Otherwise, both coolers come with a pure copper base, four 6mm heatpipes, Intel 775, AMD AM2, 754, 939/940 support and a 92mm orange LED temperature controlled fan that spins from 1200 to 2500 rpm (24 dBA at max speed). No word on pricing yet though.
Source: TechConnect Magazine
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3 Comments on Nexus Unveils New XiR CPU Coolers

Looks nice and shiny! Copper edition will probably cool better but of course weigh more -_- wonder how much these guys will cost?
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Bird of Prey
I always though copper transferred heat better but aluminum radiated it better.
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Those coolers are awfully shiny lol nice picture makes me wish I had a PC to build atm.
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