Monday, February 11th 2008

Yahoo to Initiate Talks with AOL Regarding Merging

While Yahoo "formal rejected" a complete buy-out by Microsoft, it would seem that they're still up for going at the great world of the internet with a partner. Since they can still be "swallowed" my Microsoft, Yahoo is looking into ways to increase their monetary value. While talks with Google and Disney are certainly under consideration, Yahoo executives currently think that merging with AOL would really bring the most benefit. And so, Yahoo executives are working on re-opening negotiations with AOL regarding a merger. Yahoo couldn't have picked a better time, considering that Time Warner recently began considering letting go of AOL.
Source: The Times
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Sold my stars!
the merging of 2 companies both going under...
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the merging of 2 companies both going under...
AOL wasn't said to be going under, it's just up for sale.
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Another reason to not bother with yahoo.
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Yes, let the two idiots merge. We would be a lot better off without them. Hopefully this will help end the monopoly that Time Warner Cable has on my friggan state. I haven't had cable for over 3 years, just because I HATE Time Warner, mostly their "customer service," that much.

Christ, they even have a website advertised on TV trying to get Wisconsinites to wise up to the whole Time Warner monopoly mess, nobody goes to it though, and I forgot what the site even is. Something like offering a fair choice for cable providers... We only have ONE choice if we want cable though.

My Impression of a typical customer trying to get support from Time Warner:

Customer: Yeah, hi, my cable internet isn't working.

Time Warner: Yeah, screw you, you retarded bitch, we'll be there in 5 weeks.

Customer: Isn't there something simple I could do myself?

T.W.: Yeah, you can go F*** yourself, you're far to STUPID to possibly do anything yourself. Furthermore, routers don't have built in firewalls.

Customer: Well what is this "NAT Firewall" I keep seeing in my DSL router then?

T.W.: WHAT!?!? HOW DARE YOU!?! There is an extra charge of $5,432,655 per month for being a douche.

Customer: WOW.... Time Warner pisses me off.

T.W.: Well, what are you gonna do about it? Nothing, you can't do ANYTHING.
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Bird of Prey
OMG AOL sucks donkey nutts bad. I dont like this idea. I could see Google and most assuredly disney, but not AOHELL
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Lol, I love how mad Microsoft diehards are getting about this...It puts a smile on my face. :D
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