Thursday, February 14th 2008

Scythe Orochi Ready to Meet its Competitors

Announced today in Japan and set to become widely available for purchase from 21th February, this is the third new processor cooler coming from Scythe within a month. Expected to become the most expensive Scythe cooler, the Orochi may well deserve the title "overkill" with its 10 massive heatpipes, 1155gm weight and huge dimensions: 120x194x155mm (height). On top of this beast you'll find a 140mm fan spinning at 500 rpm, which may also be mounted vertically. The Scythe Orochi is compatible with all Intel P4 478/775 and AMD Athlon64 754/939/940/AM2/AM2+ Sockets. Please visit the product page for more information.

Source: XtremeSystems,
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malware said:
The Scythe Orochi is compatible with all Intel P4 Cocket 478/775 and AMD Athlon64 754/939/940/AM2/AM2+ Sockets.
Hurr hurr -- "cocket." :p
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There is such a thing as too big, and this is it. 1150g? I think not.
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:twitch: OMG! The Big-Mac of coolers cometh.
The picture on the right looks shopped even though I know it is real.
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Senior Moderator
It should come with some sort of motherboard "cage" to reinforce it.
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:twitch: And they get bigger... , the Ten heat pipes are interesting, but i would like to see some real world results...
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that mofo is HUGE!!
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Thats a huge beast!! I wonder if it will fit in my Silverstone case??? Propably not with the fan on top, maybe vertically?? Cant wait for real world results... Nice to see also what kind of mounting kit you get with it?? If gets high score´s by reviewers, this might be my new cooler to replace the old Ultra120 Xtreme.
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These CPU coolers just don't stop growing do they?

The pic where it's sitting on the motherboard looks a bit intimidating don't ya think :twitch:
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Heeeyyyooojjje. I guess this will be the closest it gets to fluid-cooling.
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the 3rd photo in that series would show the mobo going FLIP and disappearing due to the weight of the heatsink throwing it off that box.
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Omg that thing is huge!! "i sound like my girlfriend :)" expecting sarcasm lol do ur worst.
but seriously what case would that actually fit? it looks a monster.It definatly wouldnt fit my case.
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Probably comes with some sort of zip tie to suspend it from the top of the case like the Titan Amanda did.

i'd like to see some benchmarks on this to see the cooling performance.
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this is a beast!
I dont think its meant to go into cases tho, cause everyone knows at 1150Gs your gonna snap your mobo right in half.

Its meant for OCing competitions, and people that half their PCs built caseless.

Its insane tho! It is as big as that mobo that its on!!!!
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that will probably fit in a Thermaltake Mozart and that's about it
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My Tuniq Tower just shit itself. :twitch:
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
there comes a point when one must ask, "is that really necessary?" 1150g is ridiculously asinine, that kind of stress on a motherboard is not good; i'd be surprised if this ever actually makes it to shelves.

thebeephaha said:
My Tuniq Tower just shit itself. :twitch:
i lol'd.:roll:
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Someone has been looking too much of photoshopped cpu coolers and though 'hey, let's make one and the joke is on them!' :D

That's like Unicron of the Transformers, mass so big that other cpu coolers orbit around it!
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LOL! one would have to make a hole in the side if his/her case so it would fit.
I like the way the have held it down, so it does not fall over :p
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thebeephaha said:
My Tuniq Tower just shit itself. :twitch:
ROFL!!! :roll: This thing is gargantuan indeed! All praise Scythe! :rockout:
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My god it needs a heliport to land on
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trt740 said:
My god it needs a hellaport to land on
it IS the heliport.
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Senior Monkey Moderator
I think it should come with two solid iron fans in a push-pull configuration, because in all honesty it's not really heavy enough yet. :rolleyes:

These things are going to open a whole new niche market for case installed "cooler cranes".
Pretty soon it's going to take more than one person to lift the mobo to install it. :roll:
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Behold the first air cooler to cool below ambient!:eek:
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das müffin mann
damn that thing is big, if someone buys it for me ill test it out for ya:rolleyes:
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