Thursday, February 14th 2008

European Blu-ray Movie Sales Reach 2.37 Million Discs

This is an extraordinary week for the Blu-ray disk format. Aside from exclusive treatment from business giants Best Buy and Netflix, this week also witnessed Blu-ray sales topping two and a quarter million sales. This translates into an impressive 79% market share for Blu-ray in Europe. This epic landmark was reached two months after the previous landmark of 1 million units, which is an impressive feat, to say the least. Odd enough, HD-DVD is also trying to claim some victory. Apparently, 60% of all stand-alone players are HD-DVD. Source: Reg Hardware
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7 Comments on European Blu-ray Movie Sales Reach 2.37 Million Discs

haha 60% when you ignore the millions of PS3's sold of course. Toshiba is trying to impress by playing with numbers here. common sense will tell you that if you REALLY had 60% of the stand alone market you wouldn't be selling a lousy 21% of the movies
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im wondering if their counting in combo bd-hd players, in that 60%?
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
Blu-ray FTW!

and sources inside toshiba say they are getting ready to ditch hd-dvd
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Pity that the amount of money spent over developing of HD-DVD
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Bird of Prey
I was hoping that BD and HD would work something out and just merge the formats....
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