Tuesday, February 19th 2008

abit Launches New IP35P Motherboard

abit launched today the IP35P, their latest motherboard with great overclockability. Based on Intel P35 chipset, the abit IP35P motherboard supports Intel Core 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo & Pentium Dual-Core & Celeron Dual Core processors. Besides the current 65nm processors, you are ready for the next generation 45nm processors with up to 1333 FSB. The IP35P supports max memory capacity of up to 8GB; most important of all, it supports DDR2 even up to 1066 OC, allowing you for overclocking to the extreme. Additionally, the high definition on-board audio offers the flexibility to use regular stereo PC speakers or any modern surround sound system up to 7.1 channels.

abit SoftMenu Technology
This easy-to-use and powerful BIOS-based interface will help you directly access to all major system parameters. abit's unique technology makes system setting up quick and easy.

abit's innovative EZ switch allows you clear the CMOS memory directly from the back panel. With the switch, if you are pushing your hardware to the extreme and experiment with risky settings, it is easy and convenient to go back to safe ground.

If you are impressed with abit's IP35 Series, you are not allowed to miss the IP35P with overspeed DDR2 1066 overclockability. Check this outstanding motherboard out; the great stability and performance will put you in the extreme world again.

Source: abit
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9 Comments on abit Launches New IP35P Motherboard

Should be a nice board.
Similar to my IP35-E that I'm using at the moment.
Never had a problem with it or my old socket 423 pentium TH7-RAID boards from Abit which were fantastic back in the day.
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evil bill
xmountainxlionx said:
does it have pci-e 2.0?
No - P35 does not support PCI-E 2.0 - you would need a X38 or X48 chipset
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abit seem to have five ip35 boards on the go.. how the E.. V.. and P differ i dont really know..

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I had the IP35Pro before switching to the Maximus Formula to get pcie 16X2. It was a good board.
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That reset CMOS switch looks like a cool idea. I hope alot of mobos use that now.
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Water Drop
ShadowFold said:
That reset CMOS switch looks like a cool idea. I hope alot of mobos use that now.
My DFI Lanparty Dark P35-T2RS has that as well.

Looks like a good mobo, and the orange PCB is kinda cool, and I guess this explains why the Abit IP35 feel of the face of the earth. I originally wanted the standard IP35, but by the time I went to buy my parts it was gone. I guess this board replaces it.
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Well i have IP35-PRO and its absolutley fantastic. It overclocks like hell, you can control six fans via software so its silent and it stays cool. And you have endless options for upgrading paths for example crossfire, quadcore, and many many harddrives. It also features onboard reset and power switch and a cmos reset switch at the back so you dont even have to open the case to reset the bios if you overclock to much. :cool: Idont know about this new IP35P but if its anything like my PRO with just some exccesive things missing its definatly a winner :toast:
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ShadowFold said:
That reset CMOS switch looks like a cool idea. I hope alot of mobos use that now.
In my mobo you only have to turn power of the PSU if OC goes kaka and it works again. Never had to reset CMOS, so it isn't as cool as it would have been a couple years back :)
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