Tuesday, February 19th 2008

Hewlett-Packard's HP Compaq 2133 UMPC Revealed

Engadget has obtained pictures from Hewlett-Packard's first ultra-mobile try, the HP Compaq 2133 UMPC. The HP Compaq 2133 features 8.9-inch scratch resistant 1366x766 (WXGA) display, ExpressCard/54 slot, Wireless LAN, integrated webcam, and optional SSD running Windows Vista or Linux. Price and availability are still to be finalized.

Source: Engadget
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I want!

I want this. Finally a major company embraces the concept of choice between Windows and Linux. Not to mention that this seems like an almost perfect compromise between size, efficiency, and function. Almost full-size keyboard much appreciated. Just hope it's affordable. (Especially with Linux)
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Well the ultra portable laptops with the 13.3" LCDs retail around $1000. The ultra portable sub laptops like the fujitsu lifebook with the 5.6" LCD range from about $900-$1000. So to make a splash they would really have to come in under these prices. If I we see this thing for less than $600 I will be very impressed and would likely want to buy one, but realistically I still think these major brand names want to keep prices in the $1000 range.

But with all these new UMPC/Ultraportable/sub notebook and what not coming on the scene, the Asus EEE pc still seems to be the most innovative, at least with the prices ranging from $299-$399 you get something very small, very powerful (in retrospect), and very affordable. And with EEE pc mods like this throwing bluetooth, 802.11n, GPS, USB hubs, secondary SDHC card reader, additional 4-16gb flash drive(s), modem, FM transmitter, and so forth...it really appeals to the geek in all of us with a soldering iron and a bit of know how. Some of the modders out there have even thrown in 1.8" hard drives. So its not like you cant fit all these features in a small package without throwing the price all to hell :p

The specs released thus far for the 2133 UMPC are nice, but if its gunna end up in the same price range as the rest of the UMPCs I doubt it's gunna make much of a splash. People would probably just wait for Asus to release a newer EEE for $499-$599 with all those features.
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Aye, it's real nice -- so nice it can't possibly be cheap. (But it's nice.)
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