Friday, February 22nd 2008

McAfee Defends Plan to Stick Children's Information on Single Database

Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently unveiled epic plans to place the information of every child's health, education and social/economic status on one database for the UK to access, to much protest. The Prime Minister believes that placing all this information on one central database will eliminate confusion, streamline necessary medical care, and have all sorts of other benefits. The Prime Minister also feels that if all the information is in one central location, it will be a lot more secure, and a lot harder to lose. Most UK citizens feel that this is really not the way to be doing things, claiming that his central database would be the target of hackers, pedophiles, terrorists, and other baddies as long as the database remained operational. McAfee subsidiary SafeBoot feels otherwise. The only easy way for the previously mentioned baddies to get such touchy information is to snatch it while it's unencrypted and in transport. By eliminating several instances of unencrypted transport, and by solidifying security, things suddenly get much safer.Source: The Inquirer
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8 Comments on McAfee Defends Plan to Stick Children's Information on Single Database

lemonadesoda said:
Scottish Prime Minister?
what?? noooooooooooooooooo
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spud107 said:
what?? noooooooooooooooooo
god that comment made me cry lmao, sarcasm i love it.

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haha, gordon brown makes me laugh, and i thought blair was a retard, hes basically giving every pedophile childs records on a silver platter, and with this "secure transport" there on about using im amazed its not lost already :laugh:
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wow sounds really safe... appart from the 1 bit that says "McAfee"!!!!!!

this if ******* stupid! dont they realize how much hackers & stuff get into!.... just like the recent attack where a whole database was put up on a torrent!

bloody moron! they should really get an up-to-date Scottish Prime Minister!!!!
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and enter the number 1 hacked database by child molesters. lol what a moronic idea.
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honestly... have to admit i like the concept.... the practicality of being able to secure it is impossible... without even counting hackers, alot of security problems arise just from having stupid users that decide oh i can take my work home with me.... then there friend comes over... oh taht is cool *download* and yea...
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